About Us

The Legacy Group is an alternative asset manager that targets profitable investment opportunities with high social and environmental impact in Latin America and Europe.

We generate value by leveraging our team’s local knowledge and international expertise to provide a direct link between our investments in developing markets and the rest of the world. We give our investors the chance to invest directly in projects that not only produce favorable returns, but also have a positive social and environmental impact on all relevant stakeholders.

Our Mission: Leaving a Legacy

Our mission is to bridge the gap between financial capital and promising investment opportunities in Colombia.  We hope to build a new community of investors, market-leading companies and their workers that will leave behind a legacy for generations to come.

Our Values

We believe that we can, and must, generate both compelling investment returns as well as social and environmental impact for our investors. We want to be part of refocusing the intention of capitalism on being a force for the greater good.


Measurable Impact

It isn’t good enough to simply say our investments have an impact. We use the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals as the framework for our investments and directly measure our impact using IRIS metrics in order to provide clearly defined goals.

Added Value

Our team identifies previously overlooked opportunities for targeted investment that show the greatest growth potential in which our experience most effectively suits the work needed.


We pride ourselves on being upfront with our investors and constantly providing useful, informative updates on the status of our investments.

Our Current Project:

The Green Coffee Company Sustainable and Socially Responsible Coffee Farms with an emphasis on Direct Trade.
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Strategic Investments:


Abira is our sister company in Colombia, 100% owned by the Legacy Group. The company is responsible for managing our coffee farm investments in Colombia, coffee trading, and all marketing initiatives for coffee sales.

Lifeafar is a private equity firm based in Panama that specializes in lucrative real estate investments and premium hospitality solutions in Colombia, Panama and Puerto Rico. The Legacy Group is in a joint venture with the company, who handles all capital raising and investor relations for our investments. The Legacy Group has a non-controlling but significant investment in Lifeafar and holds a board seat.

How We Choose Investments:

* By executing our business model in this order, we don’t lose sight of economic sustainability, which must come first in having any real impact on the community

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