The Green Coffee Company is a consolidated coffee farming operation based in Medellin, Colombia and a Top 3 producer of coffee in all of Colombia. The company’s innovative business model allows complete control of the supply chain: from cultivation, through processing, to direct trade with end clients. 

The GCC’s holistic approach to the coffee sector and commitment to best environmental practices not only establishes the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business, but also improves the quality of the coffee produced on the farms.







We are the one of the largest coffee farming operations in Colombia. Additionally, our vertical integration of the coffee sector significantly differentiates us from most others in the country.


Our team is comprised of a mix of Colombian and international coffee professionals, which allows us to operate efficiently at the farm level while also marketing and distributing our coffees all over the world.


Many of our coffees consistently score as a specialty coffee, and the “direct trade” story with best agricultural practices is an effective selling tool in order to maintain elevated pricing. 



The Green Coffee Company, a Legacy Group portfolio company, raised $8.3 million in its Seed and Series A funding rounds to acquire, improve, and expand its farm portfolio in Colombia’s iconic coffee region of Salgar, home of the world’s best Arabica coffee. The Green Coffee Company consists of 2,364 acres of coffee land across 11 farms, totaling 2,972,000 coffee trees, making it a Top 3 producer of coffee in Colombia. The Green Coffee Company, headquartered in the U.S. and operating in Colombia, is now raising an additional $9.6 million at a $22.5 million post-money valuation to optimize its existing farmland and to facilitate its future expansion plans – plans that will enable the Company to become the #1 producer of coffee in all of Colombia over the next two years and add U.S.- based coffee roasters to its business as it pursues a U.S. public listing.

Series B Offering


A projected annual IRR of at least 26% (or 48% projected in the case of a U.S. initial public offering) for investors in this funding round through a projected 2025 exit or IPO gives investors an unprecedented opportunity to generate significant returns from one of the world’s most timeless and in-demand commodities.



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Jesus Reyes

Vice President, Capital Raising

Economist by trade, spent 15 years working for HSBC in a multitude of capacities in its Private Wealth, Credit Risk Management and Investment Banking divisions. Furthermore, Jesus worked for the bank in multiple countries. Prior to leaving HSBC, Jesus was the Global Account Owner of the bank’s relationship with the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms.

Upon leaving Wall Street, Jesus joined a boutique Medical Group in Beverly Hills, as CEO, with the primary goal of leading the team through a process of corporate transformation from a small enterprise to a corporation able to navigate the terrain of bringing in Private Investors and expand into new markets: New York, Orange County, Chicago and San Diego.

In addition to extensive professional experience, Jesus holds degrees in Economics (BA – St Mary’s University, and MA – Fordham University) and Finance (MS – University of Rochester).


Vice President, Business Development

After multiple combat tours with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves and obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Florida, Dustin took a position in corporate finance with Lockheed Martin, followed shortly by obtaining his Series 7 and 66 certifications as a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones. Looking for an opportunity to implement his leadership earned in the Marine Corps and entrepreneurial desire, Dustin decided to leave the corporate environment and joined a family-owned private prisoner transportation start-up, while also investing in real estate. Over the next several years, Dustin became a partner in the company, moved into the role of Executive Director and helped grow the company through strategic relationships, winning large government contracts, and helping foster several mergers, ultimately getting the business to a successful sale. After obtaining his MBA in Real Estate from Florida State University in 2020, Dustin continued to invest in real estate, taking a specific interest in land acquisition and development to create equity and cash flow opportunities. Additionally, he was involved with several start-ups and became one of the largest investors in The Green Coffee Company, a Legacy Group portfolio company. After getting boots-on-the-ground with his Green Coffee Company investment in Colombia, Dustin saw an opportunity to become more than just a passive shareholder and joined Legacy Group as the VP of Business Development in June 2022.


Dustin has earned a reputation for his genuine leadership style, adaptive problem-solving skills, ability to forge authentic relationships, and being a fast-moving action-taker across multiple industries. His fluidity and adaptive results-oriented mindset makes Dustin an excellent addition to Legacy Group as our VP of Business Development.


Dustin lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with his wife Jenny and their German Shepherd, Kimber. Going on 18-years in the USMC, Dustin will retire after 20 years and continue to focus on adding value to Legacy Group Stakeholders.