The Green Coffee Company Funds its Series B Round to bring total equity invested to $25 million; To Become Colombia’s #1 Largest Coffee Producer in 2022

About the Company

The Green Coffee Company (GCC), a Legacy Group portfolio company, is pleased to report that it recently fully funded its Series B equity round, bringing its total equity capital to $25 million (USD). There are currently over 225 individual investors in the business with its accredited investor base rapidly accelerating. 


Founded in 2017, the Green Coffee Company has become a disruptive force in the Colombian coffee industry. The Company’s innovative business model allows complete control of the coffee supply chain, from cultivation, through processing, to direct trade with end-clients.


Since its founding, GCC has grown to become Colombia´s second largest coffee producer with 4,010 acres (1,623 hectares) of landholdings. The Company is by far the most technologically-advanced producer of coffee in Colombia and, we believe, globally. The Green Coffee Company is on-track to become Colombia´s largest coffee producer in 2022.


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